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      1. Product Series
        • Rattan Hotel Furniture 1 Rattan Safa furniture for hotel Different kinds/ size / colour rattan chair for hotel furniture Welcome for custom design & requests.
        • Rattan Hotel Furniture 2 You can have more choice of our rattan hotel furniture.
        • Custom Restaurant Rattan Furniture 1 Custom Rattan Furniture for restaurant & hotel Here you can find some of our projects for the hotel in China, it is much suitable for the hotel and restaurant, you can design by yourseklf or you can tell us your re
        • Custom Restaurant Rattan Furniture 2 Cust Design + Custom Colour + Custom Size For all your request, pls contact with us now!
        • The Resort Apartments Hainan Island in China Here you can find more projects of the rattan furniture for the resort apartments Hainan Island. Also our rattan furnitures have different design and style for the island holiday hotels all over the world.
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        CN: +86-13927710930
        US: 01 763-350-4088