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      1. Product Series
        Why you choose us

        We are the Rattan Material and Rattan Furniture Wholesaler & Exporter in China, we have two website:

           Rattan Material : WWW.RATTANWHOLESALER.COM

 is your one-step online shop to show you all kinds of the rattan furniture in China. We are the material manufacture and professional in the rattan material and have a good relationship with all the rattan furniture factories in China. We collect all new designs and products for your choice on our online shop.
        THREE STYLE:
        Rattan + Wood
        Rattan + Seagrass
        Rattan + Wood + Seagrass
        Indoor & Outdoor Items
        Custom Hotel / Restaurant Projects
        Different style, different color, different material choice, if all can not satisfy your requests, please contact with us now.
        If you like our products, please add to our inquiry cart, we will reply you in 24 hours.

        CN: +86-13927710930
        US: 01 763-350-4088